New to BCC?

We would like to share our weekly schedule with you:

Sunday               09:00 Morning Service (Word and Worship) Facebook Live plus Kids Church on  YouTube

18:00 Prayer on Facebook Live on our FB Page Bethlehem Christian Centre

Mondays            18:00 New Members class (contact Pastor Johan 083 262 3169 if you would like to join this group)

Tuesdays            18:00 Kingdom School via Zoom

Wednesdays      18:00 We Alternate weekly between Worship (FB Live) and Prayer in His Presence (Zoom)

Thursdays          18:00 Connect Groups gather on Zoom

Fridays                18:00 Junxion Youth connect


All of our BCC staff is available to help you with pressing questions and problems you might run into in this time. Refer to How can we help you?



Bethlehem Christian Centre has an open-door policy and we encourage anyone to visit and take part in everything we offer. We do, however, also place a high premium on the commitment that choosing to become a member requires. Amos 3:3 states “Do two men walk together unless they have made an appointment?

In our New Membership class, the leaders teach on our statement of faith, the vision and the mission of the house. It takes the form of a house cell and runs over 4 weeks. Please contact the church secretary at 079 183 8535 should you be interested in becoming a member.


Whatsapp groups:

BCC Family Group: we love to share our victories as well as all our goings-on by means of this group.

BCC Prayer and Fasting Group: As a body we carry each other’s burdens by means of this group where we petition God for breakthrough. Every Wednesday is our day of fasting and on Sunday evenings we host a prayer meeting via Facebook Live.

BCC Devotions: Every morning (excluding Sundays) at 06:00 one of our leaders hosts the devotion on the BCC Facebook page, of which the audio is also posted on this group.


How can we help you?

We are committed to help you navigate your walk with God in the following ways:

Eldership: BCC is lead by a team of elders, with Johan and Stienie Smith as lead elders

Danie & Fred van Niekerk

Shane & Skye Pretorius

Wayne & Mari Rix

Ben & Magda van der Walt