Our Culture

We believe that culture is very important for it determines the way we think, and therefore the way we act and therefor the way we represent and live out the Kingdom of God. We are therefore actively striving to build the following cultures into every area of our lives. This is part of our journey and part of our story that is growing and unfolding.

1. Family

We believe that heaven’s government is family, and therefore should be ours. We place a higher emphasis on relationships than structures.  We should be known to the world for the love we have amongst ourselves. A place where each person is significant, where people can belong and be cared for. A place where people are accepted and encouraged. A place where we loving correct and confront one another by being powerful.

2. Goodness of God

We believe that God is always good, He is always in a good mood, and His thoughts towards us are always nothing but good. His goodness towards us is not based on our performance but upon His goodness. No matter how hard we try we can never exaggerate His goodness (Rom2:4).

3.  Hope and joy: Hope – faith – breakthrough

We believe  that one of the church’s greatest gifts to the world is to be a place of Hope. A place where a tired and depressed world can come and drink, be refreshed, encouraged and revitalised. We also belief that the joy of the Lord is our strength (Neh 8:10) and that in the presence of the Lord is fullness of joy (Psa 16:11). The presence of God and the working of the Holy Spirit is not a long droopy face business – it’s a place of life and Joy.

4. Honour

We like Danny Silk’s definition of Honour, where we honour people for who they are without stumbling over who they are not. Honour and accountability will help me to draw the person to who he/she is in God’s eyes. We value every part of the body for their unique calling and contribution towards the Kingdom of God. We believe that honour is also the antidote to offence.

5. Risk and Faith

We value risk and faith as we know it is the only way to growth and progress. We realise that stepping out in faith might lead to mistakes, but are comfortable with it as we realise its rewards. We celebrate risk and faith more that we do results. We love to try new things as we journey in this great adventure with our loving Father. We believe that absolutely nothing is impossible to God.

6. Prophetic

We value the prophetic for it calls out destiny and release hope. It is seeing the gold in every person or situation. It is a declaration of God’s goodness towards us. We value it because it is viewing our world from Gods perspective and that is always encouraging and life giving. It is to call/declare things as God sees them. We believe the Godhead always wants to speak, we just need to listen.

7. Grace and empowerment

We value grace and empowerment where there is supernatural grace/empowerment available for every single believer to fulfil their calling. This empowering is based on the complete work of Jesus on the cross and not on our own ability or effort. This grace allows us to walk with our heads held high doing mighty exploits for our King instead of scampering around like a bunch of sinners.

8. Value His Presence

We value the presence of God more than anything else and that is our primary goal. We choose to partner with the Holy Spirit and cooperate with heaven. His agenda and purpose in our life is our priority. Hosting Him is our highest honour and privilege and we value that more than the opinions and preference of men. We are a Holy Spirit sensitive church rather than a seeker sensitive church.

9. Releasing the supernatural

We value the supernatural and the releasing of the supernatural through ordinary people filled with an extraordinary God. We believe our destination is heaven but our assignment is to bring heaven to earth. For those who believe, signs and wonders will follow. This is not limited to church services, but to everywhere a believer goes, works or plays.

10. Prayer and worship

We value prayer as a wonderful time of intimacy with our Father, not just a place of religious activity. A place where we not only share our hearts but also pick up His. Prayer is not only something we do, it is who we are.

We value extravagant praise and intimate worship alike, for He is worthy to receive it. We have no value for Christian karaoke as nothing less that touching His heart and He touching ours will satisfy.  We value any form of worship that exalt Him and pursue and value all other forms of artistic expression that glorifies God.

11. Generosity

We value a generous lifestyle where we acknowledge that both our time and possessions are not our own. We value a lifestyle were we realize that being blessed is great, but being a blessing is better. We realize that gifting’s and talents are for us to enjoy as well as to bless the world. Freely we have received, freely we will give.

12. Revelation and the Word

We value both revelation and the Word. We value the old and established truths of the Kingdom, but we are open to a fresh understanding and implementation.


We realize that we are on a journey where everyday brings with it new discovery and understanding. That we are going from glory to glory and that the new don’t disqualify the old. We value and honour every part of the journey because without crawling we would never experience running.